AnyLaw, The Free Legal Research Service, Gets Intelligent With AI

By Rick Georges as originally published on FutureLawyer Website:

Machine Learning With AI Added To AnyLaw Legal Research. I hate the term “Artificial Intelligence”. It implies that true intelligence can be created in a machine. It is what it is, however, and AI certainly improves the ability of machines to find relevant information in response to a search. AI adds sophistication and better search techniques to traditional Boolean style relational database searches. Leveraging computer processing power with processes that “mimic” human intelligence adds a layer to legal research that makes finding relevant cases and statutes faster and gets better results. AnyLaw, which launched with access to all State and Federal case law databases for free, certainly doesn’t plan to be free forever. But, it will be advertisers looking for user eyeballs that pay the freight. In the meantime, it is too early to tell whether AnyLaw’s AI is a true competitor to some of the other new research developments out there; but, you can bet that legal research will get better for the ordinary lawyer over time. Exciting stuff.