New Machine Learning Technology by AnyLaw Disrupts $20b Legal Research Industry

Solo and Small Practices – Access to Justice to be Beneficiaries of AnyLaw Release of FREE NLP Powered Legal Research Service

New York, NY– June 2020 — AnyLaw, the first and only completely FREE legal research service, announced today the unveiling of a new AI implementation that automatically finds cases, by topic, subtopic and location, narrowing down search results from its massive database while improving accuracy and relevancy.

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Former LegalZoomCDO/CMO and AnyLaw advisor Dorian Quispe commented, “This is simply a game changer. Legal Research is an antiquated industry with foundations in print and publishing.  No other legal research service comes close to offering this level of quality content, technology implementation and price.”

The latest AnyLaw release uses:

  • Machine Learning and proprietary implementation of algorithms to identify cases that are relevant to the topic and location of the search.
  • To capture the semantic context of the words and enable Natural Language Processing, AnyLaw uses advanced probabilistic classifier and word embedding techniques.

Current candidate for Congress and former manager of the civil legal system modernization project at The Pew Charitable Trusts, Amber Ivey commented:”With everything going on these days, we are seeing an avalanche of people representing themselves in court. Let’s face it, hiring a lawyer is not an option for most people. Those who go at it alone often use search engines that weren’t built to provide relevant and accurate legal information.  AnyLaw is taking steps to fill a big hole in the market for people who need legal information today. I am excited to see a technology platform that makes legal research free to the tens of millions of people who manage their cases every year with little or no assistance.”

Steven Tover, AnyLaw founder and CEO added, “We are very proud to be able to up our game with this type of technology and to open up AnyLaw to countless users going forward. We started AnyLaw to level the playing field and we are committed to fulfilling that goal as we grow the company.”

About AnyLaw

Founded in 2018, AnyLaw provides free access to all US State and Federal Case Law, including archival and current case law, and data from non-digital sources, organized to save users time and money.


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