The Legend of AnyLaw

Now that winter is almost behind us and we are all getting back into the groove, I thought I would share with our followers, the truth about how AnyLaw came to be.

The origin of AnyLaw goes back to the days of the American Revolution. To be exact, 1774. Two years before the declaration of independence was signed. While everyone knows that the founding fathers worked diligently to create a set of laws that would guide the new nation, few people know about Sam Moskowitz, the printer who was assigned the task of gathering all the drafts and storing them for later reference.

In fact, Sam was at all the meetings taking notes. Take a close look at John Trumbull’s painting, “Declaration of Independence” 1817-18.

Look way over to the right edge behind the signing desk and there’s two guys watching. One guy has all the extra quills and ink at the ready because you can see by the people in the room that one quill will not a declaration make, and then Sam is sitting right next to him taking notes. That’s Sam’s nose just peeking into the painting!

So while Masters Jefferson, Adams and company became famous for their role in the birth of a nation, Sam and his son Isaac, quietly collected the drafts, archived them and then stored them in water proof chests in the Moskowitz family attic.

As the fledgling nation grew, the rule of law, the recording of new documents, court decisions and significant rulings grew as well. The founding fathers understood that if the nation was to be ruled by the people and for the people, then the day would come when the people would have to have access to any and all of the law.

Meanwhile, the Moskowitz family continued their tireless task, always remaining in the shadows. There are rumors that Ben and Isaac Moskowitz were also Freemasons of the highest order, along with George Washington and Ben Franklin, and that the archives were kept in a secret lair, hidden from the public, in a location known only to the Freemasons. Over the next 200 years, as new states were born and the law grew more and more complex, the Moskowitz family descendants continued building and maintaining the archives.

In the 20th century, technology developed to the point that the Moskowitz descendants were able to transcribe all of the data in the archives to IBM super computers. People in the know, long suspected that there existed a secret stash of original documents securing the tradition of American jurisprudence, but the whereabouts of the documents remained a mystery.

Then in 2017, for reasons that I cannot share, I was summoned by the head of the Moskowitz family at the time. Sadly, he was on his deathbed. He told me the Moskowitz family secret and how the time had come to share the archive of US Case Law with the people. As he was gasping for his final breath, he reached out his brittle, liver stained hand to me, and gave me a note, a key and a thumb drive out and whispered something to me that I will never forget as long as I live… but that’s another story for another time.

About the Author: Steve Tover is the CEO of AnyLaw is a free service that provides a no-cost alternative solution to the unnecessary and exclusionary expense of legal research.