We’re at the 2020 SRLN Conference in Nashville!

We’re happy to announce that AnyLaw will be attending the 2020 National Self-Represented Litigation Network (SRLN) Conference at Vanderbilt Law in Nashville, Tennessee. Our CEO, Steve Tover will be at the conference on March 5th.

Our mission has always been to make legal research more accessible, and we’re excited to further that goal with some of the top figures in self-represented litigation. The SRLN Conference connects people from a variety of law-related fields, including professionals in both the public and private sectors.

As one of the top events for self-represented litigation, SRLN 2020 is the perfect opportunity to connect with a diverse cross-section of interested parties with the common goal of helping self-represented litigants in the US court system. At SRLN, we would love to connect with like-minded industry professionals to discuss how we can play a role in your organization, and how we can work together to drive greater access to justice.

If you’re new to AnyLaw, we’re a free legal research tool that allows anyone from anywhere access to US case law, without registration or subscription required.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about the event or to arrange a meeting with our CEO, Steve Tover.